Monday, March 17, 2014

Transformed By Renewing Of Your Mind

We find great satisfaction in germinating seeds, here are our results from germinating 4 assorted seeds.

Although goji seeds can be grown in any medium, they prefer sandy, well drained soil. When sowing goji seeds they fancy unhurriedly being given sunshine. Gradually, include the doses!

1 month Goji plants

At ten days the dragon fruit seeds have strong roots, we are going to continue to allow them to grow in the closet for a little longer. Afterwards, we will sow in perlite, compost and sand.

10 day Dragon Fruits

Lemon plants thrive when given a galore of water but do not like wet feet. Next to water, lemon plants adore sunshine and warm weather. 

2.5 month Lemons

In the process of growing pomegranate seeds, we have found them to be delicate in appearance when being compared to lemon plants but seem to be a more hardy plant.

 2.5 month Pomegranates
Happy sowing!

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