Friday, February 14, 2014

Gifts of LOVE

Flowers & Tomatoes: 2.14.2014

Packaged Seeds

We are always researching opportunities to sow seeds of love. During our recent gathering event, a board member motioned donating plants to worthy causes. At the moment, the weather here is brutally cold and the ground is frozen stiff. Voila! The perfect conditions to sow seeds indoors for any cause!  On February 13th, we sowed seed of Columbine, Bachelor Button, Candytuft, Beefsteak, Delphinium and Petunias into 34 containers. All of which are expected to be donated to charity & allies. Although the germination rates very greatly from plant to plant, our seedlings should be teenagers by the May delivery date- at least 6-10 inches tall.

Saved Seeds

Sowing pomegranate and lemon seeds are fun and easy. Shortly after the new year, we ate pomegranate and made lemonade. Then decided to place the seeds in dirt. They came up happy!

Lemon seeds: sowed January, 2014
Pomegranate seeds: sowed January, 2014


  • Seeds
  • Organic planting mix
  • Container
Note: If containers did not come with holes, use a drill, and drill ample holes at the bottom for drainage.

 Simple 5 Step Process
  1. Soak seeds: in 70 to 80 degrees F water over night. This will increase the germination process.
  2. Soil composition: combine sand with organic potting mix until it is very fine.
  3. Plant container in direct sunlight: plant the seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in container, move container outside after the danger of frost has passed.
  4. Water regularly: spraying the seedlings with a mist sprayer

Our sowing techniques also included sowing in dark places-cabinet or establishing terrarium containers. Watering at sow and again a week or two later. Allow good aeration to avoid mold, fungus and wet feet. Be sure to be patient not to over handle or over water too frequently. Seed house temperature @68 degrees.


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